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A trip down memory lane – celebrating 2021 at JTPM

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” according to Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard – and never have these words felt truer as we stand on the bridge between a wild and wonderful 2021 and a hopeful 2022.

It’s been both a challenging and rewarding year of ongoing uncertainty and change, especially for the events industry, so we wanted to take a moment to look back and reflect on all we have learned, achieved and enjoyed as we look forward to a short break over the holidays to recharge and prepare for a cracking new year!

Our year in review – here’s our top five achievements and memories of 2021:

  1. We delivered 143 events – a massive 120% increase on the total number of events delivered when compared to 2020
  2. Our team has increased by 142% – growing from just seven to 17 staff
  3. We won ‘Best Live Experience Agency’ in the Australian Enterprise Awards
  4. Quotes of the year – “you’re on mute” & “please check in via the QR code”
  5. Hybrid events were very much the hero of 2021 (giving us the ability to bring people from around the country and world together) but we were pretty excited to finally be able to deliver two in-person events in November – the Western Chances Good Business Forum and the Josh’s Rainbow Eggs & Macedon Ranges Business Awards – and can’t wait for lots more…

Top 5 event production tips/ lessons – although, you could apply these to any industries really:

  1. Always share your learnings, success stories and headaches with your colleagues; you might just have the answer that’s keeping them up at night and vice versa – Melinda
  2. It’s important to always have plan A and B, especially in this forever changing world – Chloe
  3. Always check the mute button – Olivia
  4. Always get an extra set of eyes to look over your work – it can be very easy to miss a few details – Angeline
  5. I’ve learnt so much about online platforms and technology and my biggest tip would be to ask questions and for help when you need it. Your team will be there to support you – Opal

Top 5 JTPM team highlights of 2021:

  1. Managing and delivering an online event with 72 recorded presentations, 5 keynote speakers and 8 hosts, an AGM and a Breakout session – it was incredible how all 86 presenters involved were all able to connect virtually over the three jam packed days. I didn’t know I was capable of pulling off such a complex event – Melinda
  2. Delivering a 3-day virtual conference which included over 7 different time zones with each day having a minimum 10-hours of content – Olivia
  3. Delivering two large awards nights in 4-days to bring me back to the long awaited in-person event buzz! One of these was special in the way that it was for my home council, celebrating the business in my community that have thrived in challenging times, and the other was at the beautiful Forum Melbourne which was the largest operation I have led – Chloe
  4. My highlight of the year is actually working everyday with the best team. I’ve learnt so much in the last 11-months, more than previous jobs and university. It is so great to be part of a team that’s so nurturing and understanding of your skills and goals. #DREAMTEAM – Victoria
  5. Working on the Premier Sustainability Awards, it was a special experience and so inspiring. Another highlight would be joining this amazing team. Everyone works so hard, is motivated and encourages each other to do their best. I’m so blessed to be part of JTPM family – Opal

Want more tips and ideas from our talented and experienced team on how to plan an engaging and successful online, hybrid or in-person event? Check out some of our earlier blogs HERE.

​As we wind down for the year, we would like to extend a big thank you to our new and returning clients, suppliers, followers and supporters who have continued to believe in our work and the power and importance of events to build communities and meaningful connections, spark conversations, share knowledge and ideas, and of course – find ways to celebrate, even in lockdown!

It’s been an absolute pleasure, and we can’t wait to work with you all again in 2022!

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