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Year in review – 2022 Highlights

It’s been a huge year for JT Production Management, as in-person gatherings and domestic and international travel resumed. Yet, despite the return of live events, hybrid and online events have continued to thrive. Of the 168 events we delivered in 2022, there were 27 hybrid, 64 in-person and 70 virtual events – a clear indication that the reach, convenience and benefits of online event platforms and technology has been embraced and become part of our industry for good.

Our team, which still managed to grow throughout ‘the lockdown years’, has expanded further this year – we now have 18 awesome event professionals on staff, along with a handful of contractors and casuals, and of course there was the special arrival of baby Jesslyn.

We also branched out nationally, with several major events held outside of the Melbourne CBD – in Sydney, Perth, Canberra and Regional Victoria.

We’ve been extremely busy but had lot of fun along the way. To help celebrate everything we’ve achieved we asked the team to share some of their highlights. Here’s a taste of events from 2022:

1. The Big Quiz

Thursday 18 August from 4:30 – 6:00pm.
Online. Melbourne, VIC.

Description: A corporate fundraising Trivia night for Brainwave Australia; supporting families and children with brain injuries and illness to thrive. Hosted by Charlie Pickering, featuring appearances from special guests and celebrities.

“This event was so fun to work on from start to finish. I got a chance to include some of my own questions in the quiz and really enjoyed playing with the artwork and sounds that added such fun elements to it. The practice sessions made a huge difference and I was so proud of the end result.”

– Angeline

“I had the pleasure of not only creating multiple videos used for the quiz but to also be a part of the team backstage running it. The big quiz was unlike anything I’ve worked on before and it was such a cool experience from start to finish.”

– Justin

“It was such a pleasure to be able to join up with Brainwave and help create a fun, exciting corporate event which was outside the box. With Charlie Pickering as host, we were able to create a broadcasted live quiz where our corporate teams were able to battle it out and take the trophy.”

– Olivia

More info:


​Five days – Friday 2 December – Wednesday 7 December (2 – 4 December doctoral colloquium (DC) and 5 –7 December Conference).

Hybrid. Perth, WA.

Description: The leading marketing academic research forum in the Asia Pacific, sharing the latest marketing theory, research and practice.

“This event was a great learning opportunity for me from start to finish. I got to manage the whole abstract management and speaker portfolio for the client. I managed and liaised with over 500 speakers over an eight-month period and during the event I got to meet some of them and put a face to the names. To see all your hard work come together for the three-day conference was amazing with over 130 sessions, 450 speakers. This event is hosted by Australia and New Zealand, but it was great to see so many authors, attendees come from all over the world to attend this conference. I heard such lovely comments and feedback from the authors I got to meet and made me feel so delighted that I was able to help through this whole process.”

– Erin

“I really enjoyed the gala in particular and running the livestream. Our suppliers and I had a great time calling the shots and getting some great footage of the dancefloor and band! The venue, Optus Stadium had an amazing backdrop of Perth City and an epic lightning show as a bonus. It was a huge event with so many moving parts and I enjoyed the Volunteer Management piece as well.”

– Georgia

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3. Victorian Multicultural Gala Dinner

Saturday 19 March 6 – 11pm
In Person. Melbourne, VIC.

Description: Presented by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, the Victorian Multicultural Gala Dinner officially launched Cultural Diversity Week for 2022, with an unforgettable night of local food and beverages, over 15 cultural performances and several VIP appearances and speeches.

“This was the largest gala dinner we’ve produced to date (1,400 pax). It was particularly special as it was the first key event coming out of COVID-19 and we knew there was a real sense of community and connection from attendees.”

– Julia

“The celebration and gathering of so many different communities, was special to see. The diversity of entertainment, food and music connected so many people together. It was one of the most mentally and physically challenging events I’ve been a part of, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Bring on 2023.”

– Opal

More info:

4. Footscray Street Party

Friday 11 November 5 – 10pm
In person. Melbourne, VIC.

Description: Bringing together some of the West’s best local food, music and entertainment to celebrate and launch the Footscray Arts Neighbourhood Contemporary Art Festival which ran until Sunday 27 November.

“This event was the opening night to a two-week festival and aimed to bring together the community in Melbourne’s West, to celebrate their art and culture through performance and food. We worked with local stakeholders and suppliers who were passionate about the community and making it accessible to everyone for a free, fun time which created such a nice vibe to collaborate in!”

– Chloe

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5. M​ulticultural Leadership in Action Program:

February – June 2022
Hybrid. Melbourne, VIC.

Description: Designed to empower and connect like-minded young leaders, the program was run by the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) with the aim of forming collaborative partnerships and projects, and nurturing and mentoring future community representatives who will serve on government boards and committees

“It was such a massive project – 31 events including the closing celebration. We got to know all of the participants and they were really appreciative of the whole program. It was great to hear how young Multicultural leaders are providing opportunities for others.”

– Taylah

More info:

6. Climate Futures Summit

Thursday 6 October 9am – 4:30pm
Hybrid. Melbourne, VIC.

Description: The inaugural Climate Futures Summit was hosted by the University of Melbourne to bring a range of voices together including researchers, policy makers, industry representatives, indigenous people and youth to work together, share ideas and continue to help bring about a positive climate future.

“This was my first major event, and it was so fulfilling to work with many inspirational speakers for a very important cause. It was a fantastic learning opportunity and gave me a real insight into the online aspect of the event industry.”

– Melanie

More info:

7. AgTech Summit – Growing Smarter in the Mallee

​Thursday 5 – Friday 6 May
In person. Mildura, Victoria.

Description: Hosted by the Mallee Regional Innovation Centre (MRIC) together with the University of Melbourne and SuniTAFE Smart Farm in Irymple, the summit showcased the latest technology and innovations in horticulture and farming, and offered LIVE demonstrations, practical workshops and farm tours alongside the traditional summit program of speakers and panel discussions, with leading industry innovators, growers, peak bodies, agricultural academics, Government ministers and company CEO’s in attendance.

“It was great to travel to Regional Victoria and collaborate with an important sector of our economy – agriculture! The event was postponed from 2021 due to COVID so it was nice to see the team’s planning come to fruition with a great number of attendees from across the sector.”

– Victor

More info: Blog post

8. Better Futures Forum

Tuesday 6 – Wednesday 7 September
Hybrid. Canberra, NSW.

Description: Climate champions from across the country converged to showcase their achievements and engage the Government in working towards a healthier, climate resilient and better future! The two-day event featured interactive plenary sessions, lightning talks, workshops, roundtable dialogues, exhibits and live entertainment.

“A massive project involving lots of logistics which I love! And we also contributed to creating a better society!”

– Heidi

​ These are just a taste of the wide range of events we’ve been involved in this year. None of which could have been possible without our wonderful clients who trust and support our work, plus our suppliers, collaborators and supporters. Thank you for another memorable year, we look forward to working with you all again in 2023!