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6 ways to go green at your next event!


Here at JTPM we are committed to producing sustainable and environmentally friendly events. We aim to provide creative event solutions while minimising the negative impacts on the environment. Here’s our top
tips to go green with your next event:

1. Hire the right partners and suppliers

​If doing your bit for the environment is a key business goal, then it’s important to include any sustainability needs or preferences as part of your selection criteria when putting together your event tender.

Working with the right event partners and suppliers, who share the same passion and commitment for protecting the planet will enable you to meet and even exceed those sustainability targets.

2. Choose the right location/venue

​There are loads of gre en venues around Melbourne to choose from!

Think about things like natural light, air flow and insulation to help reduce the use of electricity and air conditioning. Some venues can even operate fully or partly on solar energy!

Where you can’t avoid using electric lights or heating, go for energy efficient options if possible.

Knowing your target audience and where they will be travelling from is also essential when choosing the right venue. You want your event to be easily accessible to help increase attendance rates and reduce the amount of travel required by your guests – which leads us to the next tip…

3. Encourage public transport and car sharing

​Unless you’re offering on-site accommodation, the reality is, your guests will need to travel to and from your event. Ensuring the venue is easily accessible by public transport is important to reduce the number of people driving but (depending on the type and size of the event) you may also want to consider offering private transportation, like free shuttle buses between key locations.

Communicating all the transport options, alongside your environmental goals is essential to both educate and discourage attendees from driving and allow them time to plan their trip in advance, so include reminders early on, and wherever relevant and possible.

4. ​Go paperless – digital invitations and promotional materials

​Just about everyone has access to email and uses smart phones or tablet and using QR codes have become the norm these days, so there’s really no need to send out printed invitations or event tickets via snail mail anymore.

We suggest producing digital invitations, e-tickets, event programs and maps, editable workbooks, and other promotional materials instead of printing and posting out hundreds of hard copies. It’s not only good for the environment but it’s cost effective too. We recommend using a tool like Future Events Lab to host your digital event programs and maps.

If you do have to print hard copies, make sure you use recycled paper or materials. We even created event maps out of recycled coffee cups once – helping to reduce the huge number of coffee cups that end up in landfill each year!

5. Source local and reusable products

​There are local and sustainable suppliers for everything from food, beverages and tableware to furniture, room décor and merchandise.

We recommend seasonal over imported produce and avoid single-use products as much as possible. Do guests really need a new plastic water bottle, or can they fill up their (paper) cup at a water station?

If budget allows, you could provide a branded reusable water bottle as part of the ticket price – essentially giving you free marketing after the event too.

If your event is held annually, consider leaving the event date off your signage and banners so that you can use them again. This is not only environmentally friendly it’s cost-effective too!

6. ​Offset your event

​Sometimes, despite all our best efforts, we simply cannot avoid or reduce certain emissions and waste. You might like to consider offsetting your events carbon footprint if this is the case for your event. First, you’ll need to calculate your total emissions and then find an Australian offsetting company or revegetation projects to support.

Like how we pay to offset your air travel, it may also be suitable to offer the option for guests to their attendance or travel when they purchase their ticket.

This doesn’t mean you have to do less; it just means you’ll be able to make a bigger environmental impact – all while still hosting a fabulous event.

​There are many other ways to make your event a more eco-friendly and socially minded experience like using social enterprises or local businesses (like us!) Give us a call to chat about your next event and remember – every little bit you do does add up to make a big difference!

​Thanks for the images Green My Plate – suppliers of reusable plates, bowls & cutlery, wash stations and compost bins to events. Check them out: