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Breaking down JTPM’s video production services


Video content (live and pre-recorded) has become a bit of a hero in the events industry following the past two years of delivering virtual events. What began as a solution to a problem (the pandemic) and a way to communicate, entertain and engage with people online, has now become an essential element in all our events – whether it’s online, in-person or hybrid, video content will only add to and enhance the experience!

As a result, JTPM has spent a significant amount of time and resources developing and expanding our video production skills and services. From pre-production storyboarding to post-production animations, we can now support our clients with every step of the video production process to create content that is impactful and captivates the audience, while also helping to achieve business goals.

Check out some highlights from our previous work below!

Pre-Production (the prep and planning stage):

  • Storyboarding – sets the direction and limits of the video, maps out the structure, timings and key scenes. A storyboard is usually presented as a series of illustrations and notes and is used to identify what resources and budget will be needed.
  • Creative direction – our brainstorming, idea generation and concept development will help come up with creative and unique ways to present content that’s also in line with your goals and strategy.
  • Talent casting – sourcing suitable spokesperson/s and/ or talent in line with your brand and goals while also appealing to your audience is a fine balance. We can tap into our extensive connections with talent agencies, professional MC’s, comedians and speakers.
  • Location scouting – conducting site inspections will help identify the suitability of a location for filming. We can also suggest an alternative location if required from our ever-growing database of locations, venues and recording studios in all capital cities.
  • Script writing and editing – it’s important to work out exactly what to say and how to say it and make sure all the key messages and topics have been included in your video. Preparing a script will help keep speakers/ talent focussed and clear, no waffling or forgetting things!
  • Film permits – depending on the location of your filming, you may require applying for filming permits, mostly in public spaces. We can also provide and manage the signing of release forms to make sure you have legal permission to record people.
  • Risk management – identifying things that could go wrong and having a backup plan is just as important in video productions as it is in event production. From inclement weather to talent no-shows, anything can and often does happen so it’s best to be prepared.

Production (where the magic happens):

  • Filming – lights. camera. action. All that pre-production is put into practice and filming commences. Whether it be a single camera, two cameras, drone, or Steadicam setup, we make sure we’re using the right equipment for the shot.
  • Lighting – checking and measuring the amount of light and shadow being cast during filming and providing additional light or shade sources will provide a quality and consistent picture.
  • Sound – the audio element of a video is just as important as the visuals. It’s essential to use good microphones and/ or audio recording devices to get a clear sound output with minimal background noise and interference.
  • Prop management – from time to time, we need to purchase, hire or even custom-make props or whole film sets for a video, so we work with numerous prop warehouses, builders and suppliers.
  • Run sheet management – time is money when it comes to filming day; we follow a run sheet to make sure everyone and everything is on time, and nothing is missed or forgotten

Post-Production (the techy stuff):

  • Editing – In the editing phase, we use our creative direction and take everything that we shot and create the video that sparks the most joy.
  • Animations – Whether it be animations to enhance your video, or a video made entirely of animations, animations can engage the audience in ways that traditional video can’t.
  • Audio mixing – Easily overlooked but equally important as the visuals, dialogue, music, and sound effects are all mixed appropriately to their desired volume to ensure a pleasant listening experience.
  • Colour grading – Next your video needs to pop! Colour grading is a powerful tool that enhances the image. From controlling saturation to black level and contrast, you need to ensure the video is looking as vibrant as possible.

Delivery (the final product and outputs):

  • Completed video – we can provide the final version in any desired format in a variety of formats for use on a range of locations from your social media to your website, for large-scale projections at major events or even for TV broadcasts.
  • Raw footage – we keep all clients raw footage on file – you never know if you might need to use or refer to the original footage again.
  • Captioning – we can arrange for any audio to be transcribed and captions added to make your video accessible for people with hearing impairments and be viewable on mute.

Visit the video production page of our website to view other examples of work we’ve done in the past!

Whether you require our full range of video production services or just one or two of the editing and delivery elements; we can help you create new videos or update existing content to help you effectively connect and communicate with your audience. Give us a call to discuss your video production needs today.